Friday, June 19, 2009

Minneapolis Institute of Art and Excelsior Beach

Eddie was excited to go out exploring yesterday, because he had to stay home for two days when I was sick in bed.

We went to the Minneapolis Institute of Art to see the new Sin and Salvation exhibit of the paintings of Holman Hunt and his Pre-Raphealite Contemporaries. Eddie now thinks all the art in Minnesota is British, because it's the second British art exhibit we've gone too, so I told him we'll have to go see some American art later this summer. He was really fascinated by the bright colours, and wanted to get a picture with The Lady of Shallot because all the yarn reminded him of his mom, but there was no photography allowed in the gallery. But he did get a picture with the huge sunburst glass sculpture in the entrance!

We were really really hot once we left the museum-- it was in the eighties! So we hit up the Excelsior beach. The water was still really cold-- Eddie just wanted to stick his toes in. Then we laid out in the sun for a while- he definitely won for getting the most tan!


  1. Wow, Eddie's going to so many places!! I hope you're feeling better now, too :o)

  2. Ha I am, it was just a little two-day bug.