Saturday, June 27, 2009

Exploring Uptown, and a Little Shopping

Yesterday, Eddie, Liz and I went to Uptown!
Eddie was really excited to explore more, because last time we went we just got tea and he didn't get to see very much.
We started out in Calhoun Square, then browsed stores such as Everyday People (my favourite store!) and Heartbreaker. Eddie made friends with a panther in Heartbreaker. While shopping, he also picked out some goodies for his mommy. He saw a huge pile of socks and wanted a picture with the, because he thought it was funny since Walter had a picture with colourful socks too.
He had so much fun walking around and window shopping, but he really liked the people-watching in that area. He was really amused watching all the hipsters.
He's excited because today he's going to a pool party!

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  1. Excellent!! I love the socks lol!! Hope you both have fun at the pool party; that sounds brilliant!