Friday, June 12, 2009

Job Searching.. and a Newt!

So I thought me and Eddie would go garage saleling, and he was looking forward to that, but I didn't have any cash and Patrick suggested we go hunting for a job for me, because I need a second job to afford summer fun and college and stuff like that.

Eddie was disappointed, but he was a sport and came along. I'm glad he did because after the first few boring stops at restaurants,  we went to the pet store....

They weren't hiring and then I was the disappointed one, because I love animals. But! Eddie had the brilliant idea to browse around, because he wanted to look at the reptiles. There was a giant iguana, which made him a little scared, and then he pointed out this cute little firebellied newt. They hit it off right away, and I was pretty smitten as well, and next thing I knew, we got a newt! Newton is his name and we went home and to bond, we all watched Pretty In Pink together, and it was a lot of fun! 
Eddie has become really attached to him, and is still sitting with him. It'll be nice for him to have Newton around for company when I'm out taking the ACT tomorrow! But after that there's a concert, and of course Eddie is excited to go to his first of many concerts of the summer!

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  1. Bless!! Glad Eddies made another friend! He won't want to leave in September lol! Good luck with the ACT; I take it it's an exam of some kind?