Thursday, August 13, 2009

Baking Up a Storm!

Eddie had pretty much been sitting around the house with me, calling me chipmunk ever since I got my wisdom teeth out a few days ago (if you saw my cheeks you'd know why!) Of course, being the spoiled little eggbert he is, I rewarded this cabin fever by agreeing to take him out today.

Regardless of this being questionable in teaching him not to call me names, going to my friend Jackson's house to bake today effectively improved Eddie's mood! He decided what we would bake- Banana bread, zucchini bread, and snickerdoodle cookies (he thoughtfully picked soft things so I could have eat them too!) We baked for hours, making quite the mess, but we had great fun with it. Eddie had never had zucchini bread before, and he was delighted by how sweet and unusual the flavour was. Everything in general came out perfect, due to me and Eddie and Jackson's excellent baking teamwork. Eddie didn't totally do a lot of work.... he may have found an egg carton and goofed around in there, pretending to be one of the real eggs, to see if I would try and put him in the batter... what a silly egg!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Mill City Museum

The other day I took Eddie to the Mill City Museum to learn about the history of Minneapolis's milling industry, which helped it grow into the big city it is today. The museum is really cool because it is on the grounds of the mill that was once there (it was destroyed in a fire a few decades ago). Eddie got a little sad exploring the parts that had the old ruins, thinking about all the people that died, but he also enjoyed being able to imagine what the old mill was like. Inside the museum we read a lot about the founder and history, as well as learning what went on in the factory. We went on the Flour Tower, which took us up and down through the 13 floors and talked to us about how the factory worked as well as telling us some interesting stories about the workers themselves. At the end of the Flour Tower, we got to go on the roof to look out at a beautiful view of Minneapolis. We then played around in the exhibit, making a giant puzzle of a map of Minnesota, among other fun interactive things... Eddie really enjoyed those! Finally, we watched a movie called The History of Minneapolis in 19 minutes. It was really funny and Eddie really liked learning how Minneapolis came to be thanks to the milling industry.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Eddie goes to warped tour 2009

Yesterday, Eddie decided he was sick of Hilary and wanted to spend his day with Patrick and Rachel. They showed him a great time at the biggest concert of the year- warped tour. The show being 10 hours long, with multiple stages and somewhere around 50 bands, Eddie was very overwhelmed. The line to get in was gargantuan, so the gang opted for the "5 dollar donation to charity line", which got them in right away. The first couple hours were mostly hardcore bands, so Eddie stayed safely tucked away in Patrick's bag to avoid being killed in mosh pits. Eventually, it was safe to take Eddie out to listen to a couple bands. Rapper P.O.S., who is a very big deal in Minnesota, even let Eddie onstage with him for a picture or two. While walking around the various merch tents, we ran into a familiar face- Pat Brown from Sing It Loud. Although we weren't in the giant line for pictures and autographs, Pat remembered Eddie from the show at the garage and let us get a quick picture of the two of them. There were many a person walking around advertising free hugs, but after being oddly gripped by them, he decided that they didn't know how to hug someone who's two inches tall. So we moved along. Around 5 o' clock, there was a large lull in musical quality, so the gang decided to sit down for a bit. We played with the different colour effects on Hilary's camera and got a few pretty cool pictures. We saw a few more bands, and then it was time to go home. What a day!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Valley Fair!

A few days ago, Eddie went to Valley Fair, our amusement park, for a very exciting evening. It was the perfect day for it, because it was a little cloudy and therefore not at all crowded like it usually is, but it still was nice and warm.
There are tons of huge roller coasters there, but not only was Eddie too short to ride them, he was far too scared. It's easy to fall off a zooming and looping coaster when you're a tiny little eggbert- I definitely don't blame him!
But he loved seeing all the rollercoasters and trying the fair food... let's just say he's got his fill of fried food for a while. But he had to have some cheesecurds... they're a classic fair food here. And it's easy to get carried away... trust me! =]
He finally got up the courage to want to go on one ride to remember his day at Valley Fair by, so I agreed to take him on the ferris wheel...holding him very tightly because I was so worried he'd lean over the edge and fall! We were up so high, but I didn't let him look down... and looking out over the park was a wonderful view! Afterwards he felt so brave and proud that he went on the ferris wheel... and I just felt relieved that he didn't fall off!