Thursday, June 4, 2009

Arrival In Minnetonka!

Today I was outside, because it was lovely out, studying for finals when all of a sudden my mom ran out with a tiny box small enough for an eggbert, and I was so excited he was finally here!
I think he was even more excited, because he just jumped out of the box as I was opening it!
Nothing exciting going on today, he's getting settled in, and he hit it off with my hippos, Hippothacary and Hippochondriac =]

He also wanted to help me study for my world history final, which was real sweet. Turns out he he doesn't know anything about world history, but we had fun finding where he was from on the map in my textbook!

My summer starts next week, and then we'll really get this show on the road! I'll update soon with more news of what Eddie is up to!

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  1. Yay he arrived!! I'll definitely follow this blog! :D