Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Lions and Tigers and Bears- Oh My!

Yesterday Eddie and I went to the Minnesota Zoo! It was also sweltering hot, it got up to 96! Luckily we brought sunscreen. There were a lot of animals that were napping due to the heat, but there were plenty that were exciting to watch. Eddie like the prairie dogs best because they came up real close and he could get a good look at the critters, but they are small enough he didn't worry they'd eat him if he got too close. There is currently an Africa exhibit there, which was a lot of fun to look at- the giraffes were the best. There was a wall that showed you the wingspan of many different birds, and Eddie's matched the hummingbird. We didn't see any real hummingbirds, but we saw a lot of other birds- butterflies too! Eddie found some that were the same orange that he was!

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  1. 96?! Blimey, and I thought it was hot here! Glad you had a fab time!