Sunday, June 14, 2009

Eddie Rocks Out at the Garage

Eddie started off his day by walking around at Art on the Lake-- it was a lovely sunny day, and we looked at some art in the little booths and bought some lemonade from a little girl's lemonade stand because he was thirsty from being outside! Back at Pat's house he met Miss Pig Chef, and wanted to write his mommy a message. He didn't have time to feel homesick for long, because then we went to my friend Devin's graduation party, where he munched on cake and blew bubbles.
We then drove to the Garage way out in Burnsville( and got very very lost on the way, but still made it!) to see a concert with You Me and Everyone We Know, and a bunch of great local bands like Represent!  (my favourite to dance to) Eddie wanted to meet some of these hometown heroes, so he scored a picture with Jarrid from Represent!, as well as Pat Brown from Sing it Loud. He danced a lot to Represent, and ate some pizza too, hungry from all the dancing.
He also got a little booboo on his hand from going so crazy, but he's been a real brave boy about it, and will undergo a little surgery tonight to make it all better!


  1. Brilliant!! I love the expression on the guy in the 5th picture lol!! So glad he's having a great time!

  2. Haha he was looking for a ball to play baseball with and I think he was getting ideas looking at Eddie, so I quickly excused me and Eddie once we got the picture!

  3. I thought it looked like a baseball bat he had in his hands!! Poor Eddie lol!!