Sunday, August 2, 2009

Valley Fair!

A few days ago, Eddie went to Valley Fair, our amusement park, for a very exciting evening. It was the perfect day for it, because it was a little cloudy and therefore not at all crowded like it usually is, but it still was nice and warm.
There are tons of huge roller coasters there, but not only was Eddie too short to ride them, he was far too scared. It's easy to fall off a zooming and looping coaster when you're a tiny little eggbert- I definitely don't blame him!
But he loved seeing all the rollercoasters and trying the fair food... let's just say he's got his fill of fried food for a while. But he had to have some cheesecurds... they're a classic fair food here. And it's easy to get carried away... trust me! =]
He finally got up the courage to want to go on one ride to remember his day at Valley Fair by, so I agreed to take him on the ferris wheel...holding him very tightly because I was so worried he'd lean over the edge and fall! We were up so high, but I didn't let him look down... and looking out over the park was a wonderful view! Afterwards he felt so brave and proud that he went on the ferris wheel... and I just felt relieved that he didn't fall off!

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  1. Looks like you had a fab time!! Bless him for being too scared for the roller coasters lol!