Sunday, August 9, 2009

Mill City Museum

The other day I took Eddie to the Mill City Museum to learn about the history of Minneapolis's milling industry, which helped it grow into the big city it is today. The museum is really cool because it is on the grounds of the mill that was once there (it was destroyed in a fire a few decades ago). Eddie got a little sad exploring the parts that had the old ruins, thinking about all the people that died, but he also enjoyed being able to imagine what the old mill was like. Inside the museum we read a lot about the founder and history, as well as learning what went on in the factory. We went on the Flour Tower, which took us up and down through the 13 floors and talked to us about how the factory worked as well as telling us some interesting stories about the workers themselves. At the end of the Flour Tower, we got to go on the roof to look out at a beautiful view of Minneapolis. We then played around in the exhibit, making a giant puzzle of a map of Minnesota, among other fun interactive things... Eddie really enjoyed those! Finally, we watched a movie called The History of Minneapolis in 19 minutes. It was really funny and Eddie really liked learning how Minneapolis came to be thanks to the milling industry.


  1. Excellent! Brilliant view from up there! I love his new hands and feet btw!

  2. Isn't it pretty! Eddie was so fearless.. it was very high up... but worth the view for sure And good, I'm glad you liked them! I just couldn't let him around town looking so bedraggled from the summer's adventures so far!